What Does It Mean To Be In A Credit Bureau?

What is the credit bureau?

The Credit Bureau is a private company that collects information from banks and financial institutions that grant any type of loan. All this information is stored in a record in the name of the person who has been the subject of credits. From the moment you apply for a loan of any kind you are already in credit bureau. Being in the bureau does not mean that you have not paid something, it simply reflects your credit activity.

What does it mean to be in a credit bureau?

Being in a credit bureau is not always bad. If you have ever applied for any mortgage, automotive or personal credit, your information will be reflected in it. Also if you have departmental cards, telephone or television service will be seen in your history. Everything good and bad will be seen in your credit history.

Many financial companies or that grant credits like Konfío review your credit history. This can be a great advantage if you are current with your payments, because you will be a good candidate when applying for a loan. In any case, although we do review your credit history, we also review other factors related to your business, in order to grant you a loan.

If you have had delays in your payments it will be reflected. This is not bad either if you get acquainted, because the latter will also be reflected in the history of your bureau and will show that you are paying your payments on time.

Where do I check my credit bureau?

There are many companies that swindle by making people believe that they can erase your negative credit bureau history. This is not possible. We recommend you to avoid having any contact with this type of fraudulent companies. Do not put in the search engine: “credit bureau”, but enter directly to the page: https://www.burodecredito.com.mx/

It is also possible to have a claim due to misunderstandings with companies or identity theft. Faced with this problem, on the same credit bureau page, you can request a service called Alertas Buró. It will notify you if something unusual is happening and will keep you informed about your credit situation.

In the credit bureau, all your punctual and late payments are reflected, in this way the financial entities can see the way you pay. Make sure you have a good track record, use apps that allow you to better carry out your finances and pay on time. Be careful and avoid misunderstandings.