UBank lowers its variable rate and raises its fixed rate to 5 years


UBank has become the latest lender to change interest rates for investors.

Online lender reduced its variable investor rate by 19 basis points to 2.55% pa (comparison rate of 2.55% pa)

This rate is available for investor loans with principal payment terms and interest rates (P&I) with a loan-to-value ratio (LVR) of 80%.

Interestingly, the online lender increased the advertised interest rate on its 5-year fixed P&I loan for investors by 5 basis points, while reducing the benchmark rate by 10 basis points.

The rate is now 2.54% pa (comparison rate 2.57% pa).

Here are some other lenders who recently adjusted their investment loan rates:

Big Bank

The Greater Bank has made some upward changes to its investment loan product line. However, some of its fixed rate offerings are still below 2% per annum, including:

Ultimate low cost investment

  • Fixed P&I 1 year (min. Of $ 150,000) – 1.89% pa
  • 2-year fixed P&I (min. Of $ 150,000) – 1.99% pa
  • 1 year fixed IO (min of $ 150,000) – 1.99% pa

Investment with discount at very good rate

  • 1 year fixed P&I (min. Of $ 150,000) – 1.89% pa
  • 2-year fixed P&I (min. Of $ 150,000) – 1.99% pa
  • 1 year fixed IO (Min. Of $ 150,000) – 1.99% pa

Homestar Finance

Homestar Finance has announced increases in the repayment rate of its fixed home loans for LVRs to 70% and 80%. The changes include:

  • Fixed Star investment 70% LVR Return rate – 2.29% pa
  • Star Fixed investment 80% LVR Return rate – 2.19% pa

Homestar Finance also reduced from 15 basis points to 20 basis points its Investment star and Classic investment star alignment respectively.


86 400 lowered the prices of its Real Estate Loan Neat Investment and Clean Housing Investment Loan. Some notable changes were as follows:

  • Investment New Housing Loan IO = 60% LVR – cut by 25 basis points to 2.59% pa
  • IO Own Housing Investment – lowered by 20 basis points to 2.79% pa

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