fixed rate would help fire departments | Opinion


Recently our fire department held a training exercise on our property. We are grateful that God has allowed us to return and enjoy our senior season among like-minded people who offer “life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness”. These men and women give of their time and talents with no other reward than the pride of our community, so that others can benefit from these bestowed principles.

Our area, like other parts of the county, had once benefited from funding streams that have since disappeared with job losses and plant closures. This, added to the additional coverage needs, namely DuPont State Recreational Forest and Caesars Head State Park, which offer no revenue stream, adds cancellation constraints on this department. It is not Toxaway Lake and other large developed areas of the county.

We strongly encourage our county commissioners to institute a “county wide fixed rate” rather than the current variable rate that has been used in each district for fire protection. If this form of protection is to be maintained, i.e. volunteering, standard equipment and minimum facilities, a steady flow of adequate financial support must be maintained to attract and renew individuals willing to meet this need. .

I am convinced that there are items in the county budget that can be used to maintain a “county-wide fixed tax rate” which is reasonable, which provides the necessary funding for all districts to equip these people dedicated to carrying out their mission.

Thanks, Cedar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department.

– Pam and Bob Wickliffe, Cedar Mountain


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