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BlackRock Smaller Companies Trust plc


Fixed rate loan

BlackRock Smaller Companies Trust plc (the “Company”) has agreed to issue £ 25 million of senior unsecured fixed rate private placement notes (the “Notes”) at an annualized coupon of 2.47% with an end date of 25 years. The financing date of the tickets is September 16, 2021 and tickets must be refunded on September 16, 2046.

The net proceeds from the issuance of the Notes by the Company will be used to repay existing debt and to participate in investment opportunities as they arise.

The Company considers that obtaining such financing denominated in pounds sterling on an unsecured basis at this price point and with a term of 25 years is very attractive. In addition, the issuance of the Notes has the advantage of balancing the maturity profile of the Company’s liabilities.

In addition to the Notes, the Company has put in place a range of loans and facilities to ensure a balance between longer term and short term maturities and between fixed and variable interest rates. The fixed rate financing now consists of the Company’s existing £ 15 million debenture, which matures in July 2022, £ 25 million of senior unsecured fixed rate private placement notes issued in May 2017 at a coupon of 2.74%, £ 20 million fixed rate senior unsecured private placement notes issued in December 2019 at a coupon of 2.41%, and the new Bonds due 2046 as described above. The shorter term variable rate funding consists of a three-year £ 35million revolving credit facility and an uncommitted £ 10million overdraft facility.

It is the intention of the Board that the indebtedness does not exceed 15% of the net assets of the Company when the loans concerned are drawn down. Under normal operating conditions, indebtedness is expected to be within a range of 0% to 15% of net assets. The Company’s net indebtedness currently stands at 6.9% of net assets.

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Ms. S Beynsberger
for and on behalf of BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited
Company Secretary

Phone. : 0207 743 2639

September 8, 2021


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