Auto loan takers should go for a variable rate option, here’s the resean


New Delhi: Everyone dreams of owning a car, a house and a good lifestyle. Recent auto sector sales data also indicates that car sales are gradually increasing after the lockdown.

Coupled with the increase in purchasing power, the automotive sector today seems to reflect an increasing number in times to come. The increasing amount of auto loans also ensures that the auto market is now experiencing an improvement.

However, when it comes to auto loans or auto loans, people are often faced with the dilemma of lending a fixed rate or variable rate loan so that the EMI does not burn a hole in their pockets.

Taking a variable rate auto loan is advantageous

Significantly now, the advice points to a variable rate for a car loan or auto loan. We say this because interest rates have recently come down and interest rates are expected to continue to fall.

Daily declining balance loan

Interest on any declining daily balance is deducted from the balance remaining at the end of that day and is assessed for the entire month. This is why you are told to pay off your EMI loan at the beginning of the month, which gradually becomes beneficial. If you pay your IME in the last few days of the month, it can negatively affect your loan payment.

This can be understood from an example that the IME for a 31-day month will be lower than February because it has fewer days. Since we are currently in a period of declining interest rates, it is advisable to take out a variable rate loan versus a fixed loan.

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